Born : Kisanghani, Congo, 1958

Education : 

Painting (St. Lukas, Brussels)

Textile arts (Academy, Leuven)


To me, painting is creating, merging fragments, a kind of continuous expression of the soul.

Inspired by all the different forms of life itself and using materials such as earth, fibres, clay, paper, felt, a strength emerges, a two-dimensional place for the sculptor in me...

Captivated by a passion for detail. Fragments of images. Impressions distilled into motionless, organic images that breath growth, life and death.

The difficulty to balance different layers of "being", creates tensions that lead to obstructions, which are in turn transformed into hollow impressions, blocked images. Organic archetypes of longing... unfinished time ... and maybe the truth is hidden within the longing itself.

A search, as life itself. Apparently, this is what I must do, unless temporarily sidetracked by circumstances. Inextricably connected with my being.